In a perfect world, your marketing would stop people in their tracks. They would text their friends extolling the beauty of your campaign, and wonder why your competition even bothers to advertise. Fallon and Kimmel would talk about you nightly, and you would be the first to receive the Congressional Medal of Persuasion.

Getting the medal might be a problem. Getting results for your business won’t be. From websites to emails, branding to brainstorming, and everything in between; great copy, creative, and strategy starts here.

Look Ma

If you’re used to creative consultants that tell you they can do it all, I’m not that guy. Here’s a list of the things I do very well. For things I don’t do so well, ask anyone who has ever seen me play basketball, eat pasta, or attempt to sing. But hey, let’s focus on the positive.

  • Website Content
  • Email Copy
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Strategies
  • Landing Pages
  • Social
  • Branding
  • Taglines
  • Brainstorming
  • Testing
  • Sales Letters
  • Print Ads

Need something you don’t see?
If it involves compelling copy, creative, and strategy that has to perform, let’s talk.





Is that all you’ve got, Brian? Not even close. See more

Past Lives

At the ripe old age of 9, I enter a contest to name our Sunday School newspaper. My inspired entry, “Lox ‘O Talk” comes in second. I WAS ROBBED!

My Dad takes nepotism a bit too seriously and allows me, a junior high student for God’s sake, to write ads for our family business. Somehow we all survive. And we sell product!

My stint in stand-up comedy comes to an abrupt end when I can’t stop laughing at one of my own jokes…on stage…in front of 250 people. (I want to make it perfectly clear that no one asked for their money back.)

As a senior at Cal Berkeley, my journalism professor grows tired of my “embellished” writing style. He suggests advertising as a possible career. (He’d be proud to know I had an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle with NO embellishment!)

I develop a concept for my first TV ad. It involves a policeman chasing a large naked man down a city street. (The ad is for a big and tall clothing store.) Everyone loves it. It even sells product.

I start doing copy, creative, and strategy full time, working with small, mid-size, and global companies to sell their products and services, enhance an image, or just come up with a killer tag line. My work appears in national publications, lunch menus, bathroom stalls, even fortune cookies.

Against the advice of friends, family and childhood acquaintances, I decide to reveal my past lives on a website. Clients embrace it. Hollywood buys it. It even sells product!



I can’t promise you the world, but I will promise to make your competition cry. A lot.

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